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Are you looking for support in making a big decision? Feeling stuck in patterns that seem impossible to change? You have come to the right place. Using talk, art materials, and mindfulness practices I support my clients in reaching their unique goals.  I focus on my client's strengths and support them in gaining understanding of the root cause of their distress. This approach is creative and holistic. 


Have you ever looked at your child and thought, "what on earth are you trying to tell me?!" You are not alone. I really enjoy supporting parents through the ups and downs of raising children. Parenting support sessions include helping the parents to understand their own personal parenting philosophies, how their family history impacts their parenting choices, and identifying new ways and more playful ways to relate to their kids. 



Trauma and stress live in our bodies. We find ourselves suddenly overwhelmed by our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Creative arts therapy is a wonderful way to support trauma survivors on gaining control over their reactions. My approach in treating trauma is slow, respectful, and strengths-based. 


Have you found yourself relating to others in a way that doesn't feel authentic? Feeling like you lose a part of yourself in relation to others? Stuck in patterns of relationships that you know aren't healthy? These experiences run deep. I can work with you to support you in finding your voice, your needs, and ways to communicate this to the people you care about. This work is about finding your true self. 


Short breathing, racing thoughts, excessive worry, or persistent self-criticism. Anxiety has its place and can be useful, but when it takes over it can run us down. I can support you in strengthening your tools to come to a better place with your anxiety. We look at the anxiety from a place of strength, and from there we work to shift it so that it is more helpful to you. 


As we move through the life stages, our identities are often challenged. This can be confusing and catch us off guard. I will support you in exploring your unique identity whether that is career wise, sexual, gender, family role, and more.  I offer a safe space for deep self reflection and compassion.


Are you dealing with a big change? Feeling ungrounded and maybe even scared? Your feelings are valid and together we can find ways to feel more in control in this adjustment period. We might use art to explore where you are at and where you are going, as well as relaxation tools to support you in feeling safe in this present moment. 


Have you ever caught yourself responding to your baby or child in a way that was the exact opposite of how you wanted to? Feeling exhausted and at a loss of what to do? You don't have to do this alone. Whether you are a new parent to a baby, or in the throws of a moody adolescent, I offer a respectful and nonjudgemental space for you to reflect on what is happening at home, what it is bringing up for you, and how your best self wants to respond. I use a playful parenting and whole brain approach to support parents to feel empowered and better understand what their child is needing. 

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